Yellow Brick Cinema Reiki Zen Meditation Music 134 – Daily Meditation

Yellow Brick Cinema Reiki Zen Meditation Music 134

Yellow Brick Cinema’s Reiki Zen Meditation Music 134. In Hinduism, Hanuman is the regarded as a powerful yogi, being a rudra avatar of the ultimate, adiyogi, Lord Shiva. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Hanuman, it is to meditate daily if I want to uplift my spirit, and practise yoga. And this is the music that helps develop the focus and attention required to meditate with intent.

Meditation music is one of the best ways to understand and connect with God because it is universal, timeless and beautiful, and does not age with time. It is beyond time!

Listen to this. It’s so peaceful.

Yellow Brick Cinema Reiki Zen Meditation Music 134

Reiki Zen Meditation Music: 1 Hour Healing Music, Positive Motivating Energy, ☯134

Yellow Brick Cinema Reiki Zen Meditation Music 134

This is definitely one of my favourite music to meditate to. I love this music. From the moment it starts to the very end, I am instantly aware and conscious of feeling love, joy, peace and blessed.

For years, I have listened to it as I fell asleep. Thank you for making my sleeps easier and days happier.

Been listening to Yellow Brick Cinema’s meditation music for some years now and it has completely changed me, my outlook in life, inspired me, and my helped develop my spirituality as well.

I never really know when the music is finished because I still hear it in my head. Even whilst asleep. Even whilst playing this in the background, not taking 100% notice, this calms me and my brain.

This is the one of the selected meditation music I play while practising yoga and pranayam in the mornings. Very powerful and healing at the same time. I feel so blessed, relaxed and happy.

Meditation is my life.